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Gives me courage

Love love love. This podcast is real and gives me courage to think about ways I might show up well in my community towards a better future for us all. It is so refreshing to hear the stories, and to hear about all kinds of ways that people have been showing up. This matters.


Nice to have positive subject matter out there. I receive quite the education every episode also


I love the conversations, but the language is a bit strong for me. You can get the same point across without all the expletives. If there is too much swearing, I tend to turn it off because I can't concentrate on what is actually being said when I am offended. But I really enjoy and learn from t…


The conversations on here are a breath of fresh air in the middle of these crazy times. Very thankful this is around.

Let’s get to work

Just trying to be a part of something bigger and make my community a better, just, more free place. This is a group that strives for the same thing.

Joyful mix of reality and hope

Nick is the real deal — I love his monologues the best!

Thought provoking

Nick Laparra is a genuine soul with a wonderful interviewing technique...raw and real. These are great authentic interviews...and they are fun!

Intentional and thoughtful.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Nick and diving into some deep conversation. I know few people as ruthlessly intentional about life as Nick is. This podcast is no different. Lend your time and ears to these talks. So worth every minute.

Ground-breaking, Inspiring, Soul-Shaping.

Nick Laparra is a genuine, whole-hearted messenger who shares the stories and journeys of those who seek to inhibit change in the world. You will walk away with a new perspective, new ambition, and most of all, a continued drive and motivation to pursue your dreams. I’ve listened for over 3 years n…


Nick is an excellent interviewer and broadcaster. The interviews are insightful, meaningful and full of purpose. Highly recommend a listen!

The World Needs More of This

Nick is one of the greatest. The way he chooses people to highlight who are actually changing the world is inspiring. It's not just shallow talk from celebrities, it's real, world-changing talk from those on the front lines who are giving so many damns. Cannot speak highly enough of this podcast!

10/10 would recommend

Thought-provoking, encouraging, and convicting. Good for all life stages!

Great podcast.

This podcast matters. It strives to create the people that this world needs.

Very well curated content

Nick is a visionary in his ability to pull together fantastic content and exciting guests to cover the most thought-provoking issues of our time. Listen and share!!!

One of my new favorite podcasts

I love listening to insightful podcasts and am so grateful I recently learned about Nick Laparra and the incredible, meaningful work he is doing to make an impact in this world. I love Human Gathering and what they are doing and learned Nick is the co-founder, which was a delightful surprise. Other…

Truly Inspiring!

This podcast brings much-needed inspiration and hope into my day! I love meeting these amazing people who are truly making this world a brighter place!


Nick is hard working and hard-hitting, but most importantly, he’s genuine. You feel the authenticity and empathy in every line, which makes this podcast so refreshing to listen to.

Love it

Really great concept in today’s world of poop.

Great cause and conversations

People don’t get highlighted enough in the world for how they contribute so it’s great to see Nick giving some love to the people who already give so much.

Wow 🙌🏻

Love, love, love listening to the “let’s give a damn” podcast. So full of honest, smack you in the face, fall in ice cold water truth. Highly recommend! 👌


This podcast is so inspiring to see normal people doing amazing things for others! I love Nick’s approach and all of the incredible people he interviews!


What LGAD does for me is bring to light newsworthy stories that my heart longs to, and needs to, hear. In one moment I am deafened and outraged, and a breath later am encouraged by the resilience, care, and fighting spirit of humankind.

Always Inspired

To live with my eyes more open to both myself and others.

Be Inspired, Challenged, and Entertained

Very solid interviews with world class world changers. If you are feeling unmotivated or just on fire for your passions, either way give this a listen!


favorite podcast — full of people who care about other people!

Great podcast!

Such a great podcast to help you become more motivated about doing something positive and meaningful in the world!


Love what this podcast is about! It’s so refreshing to hear the inspiring but often unseen & unappreciated acts of those who are using what they have to do & give & love. We need more of this!

Inspiring and thought provoking

I have been listening to this Podcast since August. Love it. I love the light Nick shines on hard topics and the guests who are making huge ripples of change in this world.


I Love listening to people who are making a difference in the lives around them and the in the world! Great podcasts and very inspiring!

Love the idea

Love the idea of a podcast and love hearing different stories from different people , can’t wait to hear more!!

Very uplifitng

Just when you think the world is full of horrible people, this podcast shows you its not and that there is hope for us after all.

Amazing content

I am happy I fell on this podcast. It's given me great motivation to look at things differently on a daily basis. This show is doing God's work and I'm here for it! Look forward to more.

Interesting and unique podcast!

This is such an awesome podcast! I love all of the guests on this show. They're all so vastly different and offer amazing stories. The guests all do amazing things with their lives as well. Truly unique, inspiring, and jaw-dropping material!

Can’t Get Enough

A friend introduced me to this podcast a few weeks ago. I am in the helping profession and consider this podcast an important part of my self-care. I’m continually inspired and encouraged by the people that are interviewed every week. We should always be looking for the good in society in people an…

Such a Great Concept

Nick, dude, I have enjoyed these so much. It's such a great concept. From a former soldier, this is a great show.

Stories that just aren't told...

Great speaker and fantastic guests talking about leaving a postive mark on their communities. You all have to hear some of these stories!

Hits home

Really hit home with me, I appreciate this podcast and the inspiration I heard!

One of those things that makes you stop and think

I love this podcast because it makes you stop and think. It makes you realize that we are all extraordinary and that we have the power to give so many damns everyday. Cheers Nick, here's to hoping you keep making these!

Story telling and motivation in one!

The world needs more podcasts like this - ones that help us stay focused on what matters, brings us together to create change and do it in a way that makes us all feel good. Love it!

Wow ..

This was absolutely amazing! Definitely gonna stay tuned in!

Great listening!!!

Inspiring and awesome content. Keep it up Nick!!


Great interviews, good for longer drives when you need something that will make you think and to get new perspectives. I like the positivity and the format. Very well executed.


It’s always the right time to do the right thing! I love hearing all the ways humans can go above and beyond and create such a positive impact and ripple effect in our world. Thanks for sharing these stories!

We need more of this...

This isn't just a podcast. It's a game changer. Inspiring doesn't say enough. Listen, and act. Thanks for creating this Nick.

Awesome inspiration

Really love it!

I love the concept

I love the concept of " ordinary people doing extraordinary things". You don't have to be a millionaire or rock star to make a difference in the world. People are doing things all the time that get no notoriety and no credit and even no thanks, but I think they should be applauded, and that's wh…

Love these stories.

Enjoying listening to people who are really making a difference. Just normal people that you can really look up to.

Love the podcast and the name!

Nick, great job with your podcast man... Keep up the awesome work!

And now for something positive

In a world gone wrong, it's great to hear the stories of people who are doing good! Nick's passion and enthusiasm for people comes through and adds to the enjoyment of this podcast.

I love this podcast!

Man I really love this podcast! Such a great concept for a show that is also very well executed. Great interviews and great inspiration. The world needs more stuff like this in it.

Clear Voice in a Crowded Room

Interested and morally focused, Nick develops conversations with people on a mission. The podcast bucks the trend of pedantic and sycophantic interviews to access the minds of people trying to transcend selfishness and serve the world. Enjoy and get grounded!

Breath of Fresh Air

It's so rare to get good news in our current world climate. This podcast is a refreshing reminder that people are out there making positive change. Nick does a great job seeking out and helping to tell these stories!

Something Fresh

The world is wrecked right now. Whether it's politics, race relations, or whatever, everone seems to have something they want to fight about. And it's refreshing to have someone like Nick appeal to our better angels. Good news will never sell on broadcast media. Fortunately we have someone like Nic…

Engaging, inspirational interviews

Nick has a gift for drawing out his guests' passions and motives for doing good in the world. The guests on the show are varied creating a lot of surface area to resonate with and spark creative, positive action. Can't think of a better use of the podcast medium.

Worth your while

I absolutely love interview podcasts, and this one will spark your imagination and collaboration when it comes to solving the problems of this world. Solid podcast.

Great people, great convos, great message!

These are conversations about people behind the scenes doing amazing things and living altruistic lives. Amidst a lot noise, Laparra is finding a fresh take on exploring how we humans can, and must, find ways to make the world better and make an impact for all life on earth.


This podcast has everything I look for in a podcast. Stories, inspiration, but also a little push to better myself and make the world a better place! Love this podcast! Can't wait for season 2!

Compelling and Brilliant!

I love how this is rolled out. We hear the stories of real people who have seen the world around them and are not content to leave it as it is. They have been inspired to take what they have and live beyond themselves and, through this podcast, inspire us to do the same. Now, you’ll find no cleaned…

Love it!

Good Content


Now more than ever, we should feel an itch to start making positive waves ripple, these are great stories to inspire action

Insightful Interviews and Great Guests

Nick does a terrific job of allowing the interviews on his podcast to feel natural, they just move at the pace of real conversation and never feel forced. All of his guests are thoughful and both industry-leading and future-oriented. And the whole concept of the podcast--seeking to provoke concer…


I'm only a few episodes in and am already so inspired and excited to hear these stories. I personally know Nick and know his heart and vision behind wanting to do this podcast. I promise you wont be sorry if you download and listen! And its the perfect duration for a commute to work, run on the tre…


This podcast brings prospective to my day to day - and I LOVE it!

Much needed inspiration, change starts with you!

Our news feed can be filled with so much negativity and divisiveness. Let's give a Dam podcast features people who are world-changers. Two things I love about it: Nick Laparra's style is to ask very insightful questions and then let his guests *really* tell their stories without interrruptions. Sec…

Looking for inspiration?

If you like hearing about what inspires interesting people to do what they do, check this out! Quality thought provoking content.


Deeply impactful stories that provoke greater generosity toward others and our world! I look forward to it every week now!

Well done.

Nick is one of the people that I personally know that has a true "hustle" personality and mindset. He's got the passion that goes into inspiring others and making them believe in something greater than themselves.

Inspired and I love it!

I absolutely love what's out so far and I'm so excited for what's to come!! You should definitely check it out:)

Already Hooked

After listening to the first 2 episodes, I'm already hooked. Who doesn't want to listen to and be inspired by the stories of people who do hard (and good) things. Thanks, Nick, for also being one of those people!

Great content!

Great content. Looking forward to more value added content and thought provoking podcasts.

New Perspectives Change Lives

For anyone looking to see a broader glimpse of this world we live in there are a multitude of ways to gather that information. Sometimes, like in most things in life, we need a guide. This podcast is one of the best ways to broaden our horizons and hear stories about lives that are changing. It's h…

Listen to this podcast...really though!

We need more world changers. Too many people out there just complain about how terrible the world is, or people are, or things might be, and then sit back and wait for it to change. They don't look for ways to go change it themselves or get involved. This podcast is a much needed breathe of fresh…


In a day where apathy and passivity seem to reign, this podcast is like a breath of fresh air!


This podcast was inspiring and thought provoking. If you are looking for ideas and motivation to leave this world in a better place than you found it, this is the podcast for you!

Brilliant idea!

I love the idea and execution of this podcast. I can't wait to hear what else comes from Nick Laparra and the people he interviews. I'm inspired, myself!